Gender Intelligence® is the ability to comprehend the distinguishing characteristics of males and females beyond that of physical and cultural to include their attitudinal and behavioral distinctiveness.

It is a consciousness that values gender difference in conduct, rationalizations, and actions and, as a result, enables gender-aware individuals to engage confidently and effectively with members of the opposite gender in social and workplace settings.

In a business context, Gender Intelligence is a recognition of and appreciation for difference thinking, a natural mental orientation intrinsic to each gender and demonstrable in such areas as strategic thinking, team leadership, and decision-making.


Barbara Annis & Associates forging a worldwide movement for 30 years

Barbara Annis, a thought leader in the field of Gender Intelligence and a global practitioner in the area of improving gender relations in the workplace, first coined the term Gender Intelligence in the early 1990s and developed the concept in her first book Same Words, Different Language (2002), expanded the definition of this social movement in her second work, Leadership and the Sexes, co-authored with Michael Gurian (2006), and bridged the concept of Gender Intelligence between work- and personal-life in Work With Me, co-authored with John Gray, author of the number one relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Gender Intelligence has since become the basis of the global practice of Barbara Annis & Associates: helping companies become more effective and produce greater, more sustainable results by seeking and blending the contribution of both men and women in unison.

Barbara Annis, considered a pioneer in the advancement of gender relations at work, proposes that industry, and society as a whole, will significantly improve and sustain growth and much-needed social progress once we acknowledge the fact that men’s and women’s biological differences extend to variations in their neurological frameworks and we make efforts to find the value and complement in our differences.



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